BKS, thanks to its experience, its technical skills and its highly qualified staff can carry out any environmental remediation, reclamation of industrial sites and perform remediation of railway wagons and trailers.

Reclamation activities may concern, in particular: metal scrap containing sources or parts of sources; contaminated industrial sites, for example, by accidental melting of a radioactive source; contaminated rooms; rubble and materials for construction purposes contaminated by artificial radionuclides or NORM – TENORM; soils contaminated by artificial radionuclides or NORM – TENORM.

Remediation activities now cover a major role, especially in industry. There are many different problems and the merely technical aspects of radiation protection overlap to problems of economic, political and social nature. Often there are also problems associated with the need to find a disposal route for the radioactive waste.

An adequate sampling, that must be carried out using reliable criteria to ensure the representativeness of the samples, is, almost always, necessary for the activity of remediation. It must be then adopted a scientific approach based on statistical criteria.

We can therefore provide our expertise in the planning, management and direction of complete remediation, through our qualified staff or, if you wish, also through your own staff.

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