BKS is born from two decades experience of its partners in the management of radioactive sources and radioactive and special waste.

BKS performs activities related to ecology services such as:


BKS manages radioactive waste and material evaluating all possible means of disposal, removal and clearance (recycle, reuse, return to the manufacturer, direct disposal, etc.) even from the economic point of view.
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Sampling is often the most critical activity as part of radiological characterization. BKS has developed sampling procedures of radioactive material based on a scientific approach through statistical criteria.
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BKS offers a service of Radiological characterization through laboratories of analysis used as a reference at a national level.
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BKS offers the expertise and professionalism of its staff to provide advice to public and private companies.
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BKS can organize and manage all the necessary operations to ensure compiance of transport to its customers making use of a qualified and experienced staff.
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BKS, due to its experience, to its technical skills and to its highly qualified staff is able to carry out any environment remediation, reclamation of industrial sites and perform remediation of railway wagons and trailers.
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BKS, thanks to the experience of its technical staff, can organize training courses for public and private companies.
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BKS is licensed to the marketing of radioactive products and radioactive sources. BKS imports and distributes a wide range of “standard” or custom radioactive sources for science, industry, calibration and for applications in nuclear medicine.
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