After over twenty years of experience of its members in the field of radioactive waste, BKS can offer a high quality service and meet all customer needs, ensuring maximum safety and reliability.

BKS, due to its technical and organizational skills, is a qualified company that manages radioactive waste and radioactive material considering all possible ways of removal and disposal (recycling, reuse, return to the manufacturer, direct disposal, etc.) also from the economic point of view.

Radioactive waste, as well as to the national and international regulations and to the local and national guidelines must be managed according to the possible ways of disposal-removal-clearance and the socio-political situation both national and international.

The routes for disposal-removal-clearance must be chosen in order of decreasing priority:

  • reuse;
  • recycling;
  • return to the manufacturer;
  • direct disposal;
  • transfer to activities not covered by the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 230, as amended;
  • transfer to treatment or volume reduction plants;
  • transfer to storage facilities and radioactive waste processing plants.

Before choosing disposal is therefore appropriate to evaluate all other possible options that can result, as well as more convenient from an economic point of view, also more appropriate both environmentally and in a perspective of cost-benefit balance for the whole collectivity.

BKS provides disposal/removal/clearance services for:

  • radioactive waste from medical use, scientific research, industry;
  • disused (spent) radioactive sources;
  • high activity sources (60Co for cobalt therapy);
  • smoke detectors;
  • lightning rods with radioactive elements;
  • animal carcasses contaminated by radioactive substances;
  • contaminated filters (Chernobyl accident, active carbon or absolute filters, etc.);
  • radium needles/tubes;
  • nets for gas lamps;
  • Cyclotron waste;
  • emptying of IMHOFF tanks;
  • contaminated materials and scrap metal.


Compliance with regulations

Compliance with regulations

All activities are carried out in compliance with current regulations and in particular:

  • Legislative Decree No 230/1995 as amended and supplemented;
  • Legislative Decree No 52/2007;
  • Legislative Decree No 100/2011;
  • Technical Guidance No 26 by Enea-Disp;
  • Ministerial Decree August, 7 2015, ex Legislative Decree No 45/2014.

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