BKS – About us

BKS is a company born from two decades experience of its partners in the management of radioactive sources and radioactive and special waste, developing specific expertise in high-profile professional services and services for ecology such as:

  • Radiation Protection in Industry, Research and Hospital;
  • Training and Advice on Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR, IATA, RID);
  • Remediation of contaminated Sites and Facilities;
  • Collection of Radioactive and Special Waste;
  • Technical and organizational Advice on Safety and Health of Workers;
  • Environment and Business Management Systems, including Quality Management Systems.


The following authorizations have been released to BKS:

  • Authorization for the collection of radioactive waste (art. 31 Legislative Decree No 230/1995 as amended and supplemented) issued by the Ministry of Economic Development with Reg. No 0022775.
  • Authorization to trade in radioactive materials (art. 4 L. 1860/62, as amended) issued by the Ministry of Economic Development with Reg. No 0029289.

BKS is also included in the ENEA Integrated Service for Radioactive Waste Management with Certificate ENEA/2016/2150/FSNFISS.