BKS offers a service of Radiological Characterization through analysis laboratories used as a reference at a national level.

For the purpose of characterization, we use technologically advanced instrumentation, in order to characterize waste and components and/or parts of plants.

The characterization is particularly required in the context of NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) and TENORM (Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material).

Among the analysis offered, we include:

  • portal measuring and interventions (with draw up of the final report):
    • measurements of surface contamination
    • measurements of contamination of matrices that have been sampled during the survey
    • measures of activity and dose rate in air
  • multi-elemental analysis using low background γ spectrometry of environment and industrial samples;
  • multi-elemental analysis using low background γ spectrometry of food samples;
  • total α/β analysis of food and environment samples.


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