BKS offers the expertise and professionalism of its staff to provide advice to public and private companies in matter of:

  • current regulation on radioactive waste;
  • legislation about transport of radioactive material and dangerous goods by road, by air, by rail, by ship (ADR, IATA, RID, IMDG);
  • classification of radioactive waste;
  • rules for import, production, trade, transportation and storage of radioactive material;
  • radiation protection;
  • protection devices;
  • decommissioning and radioactive waste management;
  • legislation on traceability of waste (SISTRI);
  • special waste forms and Waste Identification Codes;
  • design, manufacture and supply of equipment for the treatment and the conditioning of low and intermediate level radioactive waste;
  • safety and health of workers;
  • environment protection and company management systems;
  • design, engineering and manufacturing, supply, of packages.

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